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The Word Game (1/1) [Sep. 25th, 2004|02:56 pm]
Lunchtime Challenge Fics


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Title: The Word Game (1/1)
Author: apple_scruffer
Rating: Language. ;) Otherwise, it's so fluffy, you should be gagging. *gags*
Pairing: MonaBoyd.
Beta: aire_blair *big love and Dom cookies*
Disclaimer: I own this computer...and my brain. *pats own head* The rest is left to my imagination and some other ranDom stuff. :)
Notes: For the lunchtime_fic inspiration, from kraken_wakes, found over here. Words I needed to use are italicized w00t, big word) :)
Crossposted to: monaboyd, fellow_shippers, and lunchtime_fic.