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The Lunchtime Challenge Fics

Or, how to waste a spare hour

Lunchtime Challenge Fics
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Bored at work? Got a spare hour to kill?

Then come write us a fic. Ask us for a challenge, and we shall provide.

Make your working day more fun. Entertain us. Stretch yourself. Escape your desk. Metaphorically.

Fandom: Mostly LotR RPS, but we do occasionally branch out, depending on our mood...or depending on how evil the challengers feel...see interests list for the kind of people we think ought to be involved from time to time...

So. Challenges answered in a spare hour or so. We don't ask for them to be beta read, but please check spelling and grammar. This is not a competitive community, challenges will generally be given as a response to a particular request for one, and will be for that individual only. Once challenged, no bending of what you are given, no changing words about, or ducking out of pairings!

How it works: Post to request a challenge. One of us will issue one forth as soon as we see the request/can escape telephones/emails/actual work. Write your fic, post it on your LJ or in suitable fic comm, and leave a link to it in the comments under your challenge. Examples of challenges and challenge fics can be seen in the posts. Go see, for an idea of what to expect. Note: this is not a discussion list, challenge request posts *only*. Discussion list to accompany comm may follow shortly.

At the moment, us challenging people are all based in the UK, and are accordingly working from about 8 - 5 GMT. This may change, depending on who joins and how things go.

Your moderators/challengers are: abbichicken, kraken_wakes, and sunsetmog.